Blend In Remote: Generational Differences

Unending BE - episode 1074008

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Elizabeth Avery walked along the aisles looking for a suitable outfit for her granddaughter to wear on her first day back to school. It was a job she believed was necessary due to the way poor Julia's mother, her daughter Erica, treated her. Erica was an absent parent for the most part. Maybe that wasn't the best description. Erica was there, but she never cared about Julia's needs or worries, preferring to party and shirk her responsibilities.

Elizabeth walked past some of the in style clothing. The outfits seemed tacky, and hardly the appropriate attire for a young lady. What were k1ds into these days? She was pleased Julia had taken to her lessons. She was her own person, but had learned respect, the way Erica never had. As she inspected the outfits she felt a tingle that was quickly forgotten.

These clothes were killer! They'd be sure to show off her best assets perfectly. She could never understand why her sister liked old fashioned long skirts and blouses. Mom had always taught them to have fun, and fuck anyone who got in your way.

Lyzza noticed a couple girls making fun of some fat bitch. Now these were her kind of girls! She made her way over, noticing the woman had what looked like a remote. Lyzza bumped into the woman, causing her to tumble down, dropping the remote. A light went off.

  1. Linda gains both the body and the personality of the other mean girls, becoming just like them in their shallowness
  2. *Linda only gains their personality, leaving her the self-hating fat best friend
  3. Linda only gains the body, leaving her the moral opposite of the others, and possibly even prettier
  4. The remote had been set on "reverse mode", so the mean girls become plus sized and shy instead
  5. Lyzza blends with Linda
  6. Something else
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