...and wake up.

Unending BE - episode 97797

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You awake with a start.

There's a knocking at the door. You rub your eyes and stand.

Opening the door, you see a beautiful, raven-haired woman--Samantha, an adventurer you've known for a decade. She smiles, and says, "Mr. Reed, I have the last artifact."

You quickly reach for the device, a cracked, ancient walkman, hardly worth preserving even as an antique. "You have done very well, Samantha. You will be compensated handsomely."

"If you don't mind me asking, Mr. Reed...."

"Chalk it up to youthful indiscretion, my dear."


"Perhaps, perhaps I'll tell you about it sometime. For now, though, I need to head to my study. Thank you, though."

Samantha smiled, and turned away. You will tell her about it someday, but for the moment, you need to go to your study.

There are four display cases there, three of them already contain objects. The first object, labeled "Away--Pd 99-00," is a simple ring, with a heart in the center. A woman's ring, pretty, but otherwise nondescript.

The second object, labeled "Ask--At 97-99," is a vial of powder, perhaps a tea.

The third, labeled "Mall--Dx 97," is a crystal like the ancient hippies used to wear.

The last display case stands empty. Its label, "Object--At 00" stands out against the black background. Reverently, you place the walkman inside.

You can't wait. You know you should sleep, but you want to try one out, now. You reach in your pocket and pull two silver dollars. You flip them, and they land....

  1. *First one heads, second heads
  2. *First one heads, second tails
  3. *First one tails, second heads
  4. *First one tails, second tails
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