The New World, the story of James.

Unending BE - episode 66837

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First, the heavens are destrroyed, and all of the souls from eons of time return to God. Then, a new heaven is made, followed by a new universe. Deciding that His old plan was pretty much perfect ( he is infallible...kinda... ) the new Earth is made. History is basically the same, except Jim, Sharon, the Maid, and most of the people they ever met are never born. Instead, a boy is born in a dorm room in Southern California. His name was to be James, but he was never found. He was only 1/8 an inch tall at birth, and was lost in his mother's panties. He found his way to her bra and suckled himself, surviving his mother's four years at college. He spent the next fourteen years surviving in the his mother's senior dorm room, learning to talk and think and live based on the activities in the room. He is now 18 and stands only 1/4 an inch tall. The dorm room is his world, but he has heard mentions of the outside. He has lived on pizza crumbs, stale beer and flat soda. Besides his mother, fifteen women have lived in his home, sometimes seeing glimpses of him, never believing he exists.

The current resident of his mother's former single room is Melanie Blank, a 21 year old Poli Sci major from Vermont. She stands about six feet tall ( she's a tall one ) and is extremely pretty. It is spring semester, and Melanie has just gotten over a bad relationship. James was there, watching the two of them go at it from his vantage point from her desk. This year, he has had the hots for the other tenant in his home, and feels sorry for her after their breakup. Plus, his hormones are the same as any other 18 year old guy's, and he wants to get it on.

You are James. You need to decide what to do now. God has handed you a shitty life, and you need to make the most of it. You have finally resolved to not stay in the dorm room forever. What do you want to do?

  1. *Try to get Melanie's attention?
  2. *Hop onto her foot and go wherever she takes you?
  3. *Give into the lust you have had for the last few months and climb Mt. Melanie?
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