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Unending BE - episode 55922

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* You wake up and yawn. It's a brand new day. Time to go to school :( You peer down at your watch and it's 6 o'clock, Monday morning. You get ready for school and your there before you know it.

Physics class was always boring. Ms Plum is jabbering away about circuits while your more interested in Jenny, the hot girl that sits in the front of the class. She always wears sandals, and sometimes goes barefoot, which drives you crazy. You just stare at Jenny and hope Ms Plum will shut the hell up. Time really flies when you just check out the chicks. Physics is over and your at your locker. You open your lock, the combo is left 23, right 49, and then left 33. You swing the locker door open and shove your textbooks in and grab your lunch. As you make your way to the cafeteria, you notice Jenny down the hall leave a classroom. It's her science class, so you run up and look into the room. The teacher is gone and there's purple jelly and broken glass all over the floor. Suddenly, Mr McDonaly goes back into the class and says, "Did you break that?"
"No," you reply.
"Ok, well, I've gotta be going now, can you just clean it up for me?" he asks.
"Sure thing, Mr D!" you say.
"Thanks a lot! Bye!" and with that, he leaves.

Damn, you don't wanna clean this crap up, you've just never had the guts to say no to a teacher. Well, you don't wanna get in trouble, so your grab some paper towel and begin sweeping up to purple goop. It sinks through the paper towel and touches your skin. "Ow!" you cry, it burns like a whore! You run to the nearest sink and rinse with cold water. You notice a blue mark on your skin where the goop touched it. Weird. Suddenly, your head begins to shake, your knees knoch, your teeth chatter, you see tons of purple blinking dots all around you...

  1. *it all stops and you look around...
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Sun Dec 26 17:07:01 1999

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