The start of demonica (from episodes 102, 4532 ans some others) New day

Unending BE - episode 52481

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Deminuca woje euo from what ever hellish ralm she lives. Shes trech out her wings and yaws. She massage her inhumanly huge jusgs and marveld at her 15 foot body. She licked the cum from her latest conques toff her hadns. As long as she lived (which was long) she never tired of the tast of innocent sould of both men and women kind. She drunk the wine of hell that was tainted with all types of bad things. She dance with the souns of crean of pleasure and paind that sorrounded her. She was the top demon and her power was growing every day. She could could send any man to extrem lust by taking on his greatest fantasy. Sexual acts gave her power. The more nasty the better. She look through her portal on the realm of earth and .....

  1. She went to eath in her her human guise as busty fashion model Chesty Ralue
  2. *She decided to to seduce and corrupt a small town in hope to take there souls or just to casue trouble
  3. *Lucifer (fearing her growing power") use some magic to take her power away and sent her to earth She wore seh would sue all of her bitch skills to make to find a way to make him pay
  4. Somebody else was in the room
  5. *Dammit some jackoff from eath was doing one of thsoe damm summoning spell. She decided whoever it was would apy
  6. *Something elses
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