New Addventure: Shrinker 2000

Unending BE - episode 42636

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Now, I'm not doing this to destroy the old Addventure, I'm doing this because the old on is so huge now, that its hard to find an update. How will we prevent that from happening again? Well, please limit 1-3 choices at the end of each episode. You can do 4 occasionally. Also, never make one of the choices "Something Else." It's just a waste. Enough nagging, on with the story!!

December 31st, 1999, 11:43pm

You wake up on the floor, gazing around the room, looking at the clock. Less the 20 minutes until the turn of the millenium. You were so stoned, you almost slept through this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You get up, stretch your aching muscles, and across the room there is a glimering bottle. Beer! You limp over to the half empty bottle, and look in it. There's some red blotches floating around, and beside it on the table is an open pack of some Japanese product. All you can make out is the letters: Sh-i--i-g --wd-r. There's some red sandy-like subsatnce in the packett. Oh well. Your so thirsty, but it's now 11:49, eleven minutes until the millenium, and you wanna return to the party upstairs in time for the ten minute countdown. You decide to. . .

  1. *Drink from the bottle
  2. *Return Upstairs
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Wed Nov 24 18:02:28 1999

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