A new scenario for my GTS/Shrink buddies

Unending BE - episode 41052

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Seeing as NO ONE ever uses the "Something Else" catagory, I decided to take over this scenario for the shrink fans out there. Ahem... Your name is Tom, a 17 year old Junior at JFK High School. It's the first day of school, and you don't want to make a jack-ass out of yourself. You enter the school and head to the guidance office to pick up your locker combonation. Smiling to the obese Guidance Secretary, Mrs. Hugh, you head off to your locker. Locker 666. Combination: L 13 R 13 L 13. Odd. You are about to open the locler when you see a gorgeous girl come up to you, wearing something too racy for Brittany Spears. "Hi there! I'm Melissa. Is this your locker?" You manage to stammer out, "Y-y-y-es..." "Great!" she says. "Would you mind if I stick my cigarettes in there? My lockers next to yours, and I don't want to get caught. The administration already has me on their blacklist. I'm a transfer from Jersey. Got suspended." Oh boy, a bad girl...well, you always liked to live a little dangerously...at least, in your dreams. "S-s-s-ure..." She hands you a pack of Virginia Slims and blows you a kiss before wiggling her tight ass down the hall, attracting quite a few stares. You open your locker and toss in the cigarettes. Seeing as you have no books yet, you're about to shut the door when you see a little vial, sitting on the shelf. It's full of a viscous blue liquid. Deciding to check on it later, you slide it into your pocket before heading off to first period, gym class. On the way, you decide to take a look at the bottle. There's a label on it. In a gothic text, it reads: "Drink me to attain what you really desire..." You stand outside the hallway which contains the male and female dressing rooms, now. It's still early, so no one is around. You decide to...

  1. *drink the liquid. It couldn't hurt.
  2. *put it in your pocket for later...wuss...
  3. *try and find that Goth girl you know, Lisa, to see if she knows what it is.
  4. *Do something completely unexpected...
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