GTS-Anime:Start of a very Bad Trip

Unending BE - episode 233

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You are Melissa Smith, an average college student, drifting through English and History classes. You are of mediocre height, mediocre weight, mediocre performance in class, and what else there is to be mediocre. Your hair is black and your eyes are dark brown, although the rest of your face looks through and through Caucasian. Currently, you are unattached, after finding that jerk Tom consoling your former best friend Jessica. Fortunately, you don't take such set- backs too seriously.

Since you are not really that concerned about your grades (hey, you are young but once), you have a lot of time to party, read comics, and watch tv. Although you don't have a grudge against local products, you have taken a special liking of Japanese animation and manga. Being open for many ideas, you have been going through Sailormoon, Dragonball, Urotsukidouji, Attack No. 1, Cat's Eye, La Blue Girl, Visions of Escaflowne, NGE, and lots of other stuff. Most of the time, you just borrowed them from some of the nerds that are really into it, you know those guys that can explain you the meaning of every single move of a character, and who know all the names the characters have (original, American, German, French, Italian,...). Although, if something really caught your fancy, you - or your easily influenced father - always had the cash to enlarge your personal collection.

But this is just a nice pastime. Right now, you are at Ricky's party. There is really a crowd there, so that your spirits are high. After all, one of them could be your next boy friend. Ricky himself is already firmly attached, a pity as he would really be a fine catch. The music is loud, the air is thick with the stench of smell and alcohol as the party drags on and more and more guys disappear or end up lying across the floor and or furniture. Hoping to find a match, you have decided to restrain yourself, but as the night grows old, you begin to reconsider. Just then Ricky walks up to you.

"How's it going? Already found something?" Ricky was not someone you could hide such things from. And he was rather direct in his approaches, somethings a tad too direct. As you try to think of a good answer, he continues:"I interpret your silence as 'NO'. I am afraid that the guys aren't getting better this evening either, so why don't you just chill out and relax? Jim had just brought some nice joints from his new partner, why don't you join in?"

Before letting this day become a complete waste, you decide to accept the offer. If you don't get a boy friend, you can at least get a free trip. And in times of recession, that should be nearly as good. "Ah, why not. Lead the way, captain Ahab." Nodding, Ricky leads the way into the main corridor and then into the garage. Autumn has been rather cold this year and there is no heating or real isolation in the garage. Thus, there are only Ricky, Jim, Sally, and you sitting down on an old couch that Ricky keeps tucked away in the back of this place just for such occasions.

After you have settled down, Jim produces four joints and hands one to each of you. "This is really good stuff. Inhale slowly and enjoy." Without hesitation, you put the roll into your mouth. Out of nowhere, Jim holds up a silver lighter and offers you fire. The paper at the end of the roll turns black as it begins to burn. You inhale, tasting the smoke in your throat. You pause and then release the air from your lungs.

At first, there is no effect. Then the colors turn red everywhere. Ricky's face looks fiery red as if he had been caught without his pants. The thought makes you giggle. "And - what do you think?" Ricky turns to you, his eyes glowing red. His words echo strangely through your head, and then suddenly everything turns black.

As you recover your head spins. You begin to remember the party and Jim's joints. Wow, this was really strong stuff. Looking around, you pause. You had expected the garage, maybe Ricky's living room, or - in the worst case - a bed/couch shared by some sleeping boy you would never want to date. Instead, you are in a jungle of neon green trees. Suddenly, something like a small helicopter buzzes by overhead. Stretching your eyes, you see a resemblance to a fly in that thing. Just as you are really puzzled by everything, something big and red crashes down next to you, and you hear a booming voice from above.

"Tsuki ni kawatte oshiokiyo!" Although you know that you don't understand Japanese, you understand that this means something like "We/I will punish you in the name of the moon". Looking up at the red object in disbelieve, you identify it as a nearly knee high boot leading to a shapely leg and a miniskirt which keeps you from seeing much more of the giant except for a gigantic strand of yellow (?) hair. You are uttering a "This can't be!" as a shadow falls on you and a red- haired giant in a shirt and army trousers jumps at the giantess, knocking her down. The gust of wind nearly blows you away, and your view is shrouded by clouds of dust. As your vision clears, you can see her kneeling there right next to you, looking up to that guy. Now there is no doubt about it. That is a giant Sailormoon fighting what looks like a giant Rubeus. And you are right in the middle of it being less than an inch high!

Quickly, you come up with a decision and

  1. *grab a thread of Usagi's skirt
  2. *duck and watch - Sailormoon is going to win
  3. *run away to get some help
  4. *disbelieve, disbelieve, disbelieve
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