The Chimerian Effect

T H E   C H I M E R I A N   S T O R Y   A R C H I V E

Why are you here?

 Obviously you must have a thing for large breasts. But if you are only looking for pictures, there are plenty of other websites out there that might better serve that interest.
    But then, maybe you are here because your particular breast obsession involves not only large breasts, but the idea that breasts may somehow grow even larger. Does the idea of a woman suddenly realizing that her breasts are spontaneously starting to swell and enlarge to surreal proportions, entice and excite you in ways that most people cannot understand? If this is true, then you have come to the right place.
    But the question still remains. Why are you here?  Why do you have this fascination with expanding breasts or maybe even a woman's entire body swelling and changing? Does anybody really know?  Psychologists and sociologists and other people far more educated than I might offer their theories, but still, I don't think anybody really knows for sure. Perhaps there is some undetected element in human nature, some deeply hidden factor in our basal instincts that creates within many of us this strange obsession that has not only affected our personal lives, but has had a subliminal effect on society as a whole.  What drives millions of women to spend thousands of dollars to use whatever means possible to try to grow, swell, and expand their bustlines to ever increasing dimensions?
    The answer lies in what I call the "Chimerian Effect".  The concept may be strange and fantastic, but It's no less believable than any other explanation. What is the "Chimerian Effect"? You will have to read on to find the answer.

What lies ahead is more than merely an archive of stories.
It is a long journey through the hidden side of the human psyche, deep into the bizarre mind of Chimerian.

 The Chimerian Effect is only for people who are mature and open minded.  Do not enter if you are under age, easily offended, or are otherwise disturbed by graphic sexual situations and bizarre anatomical descriptions. Do not enter if you fear exploring the deep dark recesses of your carnal instincts and are not willing to risk awakening strange and lustful desires that you never knew were even there.
and feel the Effect
and deny it exists

"  I   h a d   a   d r e a m ,   a   f a n t a s y . . .
t o   h e l p   m e   t h r o u g h   r e a l i t y ."


"The Chimerian Effect"and all artwork and graphics herein, © Chimerian 1999.